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[info]avaloncali [24 Apr 2036|09:49am]
Avalon Outlaws )
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HIATUS!! [23 Apr 2036|10:57am]
Metro, Lost Americana, Savannah )
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[info]blairmods [23 Apr 2036|10:54am]
Blair Academy )
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[info]altamontmod [23 Apr 2036|10:49am]
Altamont West )
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[info]thecharges [23 Apr 2036|09:39am]
Baby-Sitters Club game )
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comments screened. [31 Dec 2035|09:33pm]
Contact me here. Screened post.
Please comment here with any storyline ideas, etc.

• I play mostly females. Though I can be convinced to play a guy for a storyline.
• LGBTQ+ friendly.
• 20+ years experience.

In this journal you will find scenes (examples) I wrote for a game I am currently in. And you can also find a couple of stories I wrote with other writers a few years ago. If you are one of the writers that wrote the story with me, please comment and let me know and I will credit you and add you to this journal.

None of these stories are real. Anything that sounds familiar is purely coincidental.

[info]aa_npc; used as an NPC journal at Altamont.

[info]mygirls; old PSL's I wrote with players I either can't remember or their journals are deleted now. If it is you or someone you know please tell me and I will apply proper credit.

Preferred Platform: • I like PSLs, as well as communities. But I do prefer threading or gdocs because it is just easier. Unless you happen to catch me online.

RP Type: I like to plot stuff out in a private OOC post and go into some detail but then play most of it out. I like most of the interaction in the scene itself.

Plot Duration: I mostly like long term RPs that are constantly being added onto but I will do short term if it is specific.

Planning: I usually like to plan out just the basics. And get as many details as possible before the scene but do all interaction in the scene.

Post Length: I write at least four sentences, enough to be understood in the scene.
Point of View: I write first person for journal entries. Third Person/Omniscient (He, She, They, It), is how I write in scenes.
Tense: Past.

I want someone who can spell, or at least use spell check. Grammar is important, but if you can understand what is being said I can tolerate small stuff.
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[31 Dec 2034|09:41pm]

[30 Dec 2034|12:39pm]
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